Automotive LiDAR 2019 Welcomes SABIC Expert to Explain High-Performance Optical Resins for LiDAR Components

September 4, 2019 Laura Dolan

SABIC will be appearing at the Automotive LiDAR 2019’s Technology Showcase, taking place in Dearborn, Michigan September 25 and 26. SABIC’s business manager, Aurélie Schoemann, Ph.D., will also be presenting on high-performance optical resins for mobility. The talk will occur on September 25 at 4:20 p.m. and will revolve around essential challenges affecting the design, manufacture and performance of LiDAR sensors and clarify how optical thermoplastic resins can offer solutions, zeroing in on infrared (IR)- transparent resins for optical LiDAR components.

LiDAR systems are designed to be embedded in automotive grilles, bumper fascias or headlights in an effort to stop obstruction of laser light waves, subjecting them to harsh weather conditions, road chemicals and debris that can affect their optical transparency and durability.

SABIC’s advanced engineering thermoplastic resins are likened to glass and epoxy, which LiDAR employs in their production to develop convoluted, smaller and thin-wall manufacturing. They are also the go-to for applications entailing high IR transparency and resistance to environmental exposure to UV light, chemicals, abrasion and impact.

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