AlphaICs Releases alphaEdge for L2+ Driverless Cars and Autonomous Systems

January 11, 2019 Laura Dolan

LAS VEGAS. AlphaICs has released alphaEdge, powered by AlphaICs' proprietary Real AI Processor (RAP) inference chip. It is a 60 TOPs/40-Watt solution for L2+ driverless cars and autonomous systems including drones, robots and the like.

alphaEdge’s multiple variants – 8 TOPs/8 Watt to 60 TOPs/40-Watt solutions, are supplemented by a software tool chain that upholds all the AI frameworks (TensorFlow, Caffe2, ONNX, PyTorch etc.).

alphaEdge contains eight camera inputs, automotive interface (UART, I2C, SPI, CAN, GPIO), PCIe x 16, HDMI, GigE, USB2.0 OTG, and USB3.0 interfaces to maintain systems for driverless cars (L2+), Vehicle Infotainment, Smart Factory, Surveillance, Robotics and Drones.

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