Aicas and Klika Tech Showcase Alexa Auto at Embedded World 2019

February 20, 2019 Katelyn Albani

NUREMBERG, GERMANY. aicas and Klika Tech will showcase Alexa Auto at embedded world in Hall 4, Booth 605 in Nuremberg, Germany, from February 26-28.

The companies will introduce the seamless integration of aicas’ JamaicaCAR Framework and Amazon Alexa Auto as a demonstration for the auto industry of advanced voice recognition technology providing a safe and reliable experience. The platform was developed for OEMs as the automotive industry transitions to integrating voice-based services to improve customers’ overall experience and enhance convenience and safety of driving.

Alexa Auto demonstrations include integration showcasing:

  • voice-based control over tens of thousands of configurable skills such as controlling streaming media, local search, navigation, personalized notifications, and vehicle health.
  • the system can be upgraded remotely via Cloud, and manufacturers can provide a secure path where third-party services can be introduced throughout the components’ lifecycles.
  • the platform can be ported onto existing electronic control units for integration with legacy environments without the need for large hardware upgrades.

“Consumers want the fully-integrated single voice-based service connecting them to the on-demand world and to all services in their cars, where instead they are faced with disparate technologies that prevent intuitive and reliable control of services and information inside and around the vehicle,” said Klika Tech’s President and Co-CEO, Gennadiy M Borisov. “Klika Tech and aicas are excited to introduce manufacturers to the tools we created to develop connected auto services and to explore how they will pave the way towards convenient, reliable, and, soon, autonomous vehicles.”

“For connected and autonomous vehicle manufacturers, reliable execution and distributed coordination of interactions in real time are prerequisites for safe driving along with security, software configurability and scalability,” said aicas’ General Manager, Johannes Biermann. “By integrating Alexa Auto’s accuracy with natural speech recognition with aicas’ multifunctional software frameworks, we’re giving manufacturers the standard for how connected vehicles understand commands, translate them into specific actions, and interact with passengers in real-time.”

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