Nicholas Cravotta

Nicholas Cravotta is a long-time veteran of the embedded industry, cutting his teeth on the 8080 designing CNC machines using assembly. With Insider: Embedded Software, Cravotta explores the ever-changing world of embedded software by calling upon experts in the industry to share their knowledge and experience. Each column offers insight into the embedded software development process to help you avoid time-consuming mistakes and get the most out of your embedded systems.

  • Why the Smart Home Market is Flailing

    Why the Smart Home Market is Flailing

    The Smart Home made quite a showing at CES. I’d estimate that 15 percent to 25 percent of the total floor space included Smart Home devices and technology. Frankly, most of these companies are flaili

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  • The Imperative for Instant-On: Functional Safety in Automotive, Industrial, and Embedded Systems

    The Imperative for Instant-On: Functional Safety in Automotive, Industrial, and Embedded Systems

    Instant-On is often touted as an ease-of-use feature. Consumers, as we know, are extremely impatient and want their gadgets to be available immediately.

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  • Redundancy in the Internet of Things

    When access to the cloud is impaired, access to this storage and off-site intelligence is interrupted. The impact on an IoT system depends on its reliance upon these cloud resources.

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  • The New Make vs Buy Equation

    For embedded engineers, the Make vs Buy argument has a strong emotional context associated with it. They are wary to bring in components and software and boards they do not have design control over.

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  • How Many Technologies Does It Take to Turn on a Light Bulb?

    I’m going to start this column with something potentially controversial: the home network has taken a step back with the introduction of IoT technology.

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  • Keeping Pace with the Evolution of Standards

    One of the challenges standards bodies face is balancing the cost of managing a standard with access to the standard.

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  • To Cloud or Not to Cloud: The Challenge of Deciding Where to Process IoT Data

    The cloud is an enticing alternative to edge-based processing.

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  • IoT Security: Securing Resource-Constrained Devices

    The key to developing effective IoT security is to first consider who might want to compromise your system, what they might gain, and what you need to secure.

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  • Embedded Software - Squeezing the Most Out of Low Power Modes

    The simplest application of power modes is that when a system is idle, you put it to Sleep. Today’s MCUs, however, offer multiple low power modes, further complicating low power design.

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