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  • What EPC's CEO Saw from GaN at PCIM

    What EPC's CEO Saw from GaN at PCIM

    Alex Lidow, CEO of Efficient Power Conversion (EPC) discusses the new energy (pun intended) in the market fomented by GaN-based devices, and points out a number of real solutions on display at PCIM.

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  • PCIM Highlights Part 2

    PCIM 2019 underscored the impact new power technologies, developed over the last couple of decades, are finally having on the practical systems engineer.

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  • ERM and Altair to Develop Advanced Automotive IoT Solutions

    Altair Semiconductor is partnering with ERM Advanced Telematics to develop a range of low-powered and installation-free automotive IoT solutions.

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  • LoRa Alliance to bring LoRaWAN Live! to Berlin

    The LoRa Alliance announced its program for the next LoRaWAN Live!, taking place in Berlin, Germany on June 13, 2019 from 9am to 7pm.

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  • STMicro Unveils Plug and Play IoT Development Environment

    STMicroelectronics launched to help everyone from beginners to expert designers develop for the IoT and collect and send sensor information to the cloud.

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  • ICP Releases Slot CPU Card with 56 PCI Express Lanes

    The PEMUX-XEW1 slot CPU card from Industrial Computer Products (ICP) Germany suits high-performance computers that need to accommodate several graphics or FPGA plug-in cards.

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  • ETS-Lindgren Integrates the R&S CMX500 for 5G Test

    ETS-Lindgren is integrating the Rohde & Schwarz (R&S) CMX500 radio communication tester with ETS-Lindgren's CTIA-compliant EMQuest Antenna Measurement software and regulatory-compliant TILE!

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  • Helix Semi Launches High-Efficiency DC-DC Product Family

    Helix Semiconductors announced a DC-DC product family, based on the technology platform first introduced in its MxC 200 power IC.

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  • Air Liquide and STMicro Collaborate on Digital Initiative

    Air Liquide and STMicroelectronics announced a collaborative initiative, intended to accelerate the development of digital solutions for industrial applications.

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  • STMicro’s STSPIN32 Single-Shunt BLDC Motor Controller Serves Battery-Operated Tools

    STMicro’s STSPIN32 Single-Shunt BLDC Motor Controller Serves Battery-Operated Tools

    The SiP has a 48MHz STM32F031x6* MCU able to run a 6-step motor-control algorithm as well as other application-level functionalities.

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  • SEGGER Adds RAID5 to emFile File System

    SEGGER Adds RAID5 to emFile File System

    RAID5 delivers data integrity by providing a fail-safe layer on top of the CRC and/or error correction used by the underlying driver or storage medium.

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  • PCIM 2019 Highlights - Part One

    In the power industry, one of the most important events in the industry is the Power Conversion and Intelligent Motion (PCIM) show held every spring in Nuremberg, Germany.

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  • People & Products Podcast: The State of GaN with Transphorm's Philip Zuk

    People & Products Podcast: The State of GaN with Transphorm's Philip Zuk

    Industry's focus is shifting from the promise of Gallium Nitride (GaN) to the reality of the products enabled by it, with new packaging options available for emerging application spaces.

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  • Europe Maneuvers to Control its Energy Future

    One of the actions the EU has taken is to create the EU Energy Union. It is tasked with fomenting the development of advanced technologies and stimulating the migration of the European economy .

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  • NXP, Adesto, and IBM Unveil Robust End-To-End Security for Industrial IoT

    Adesto Technologies, IBM, and NXP Semiconductors unveiled a solution that provides a new level of security for smart building and Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) deployments.

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  • Pentek’s 3U VPX Board Optimizes Optical and RF I/O Connectivity

    Pentek introduced the Model 54851, a member of the Jade family of high-performance 3U VPX boards, based on the Xilinx Kintex Ultrascale FPGA.

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  • Diodes Inc’s Boost Controller for LED/LCD Apps Delivers 1~100 Percent Dimming Range

    Diodes Incorporated introduced the AL3353 LED/LCD 40V max input boost controller.

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  • Plessey to Exhibit Strategic Alliances and microLED Technology at Display Week 2019

    Plessey will showcase its latest microLED display solutions for AR/MR, HUD/HMDs, smartphones, and other display applications at Display Week 2019.

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  • GaN Systems to Claim the Highest-Current Rated GaN Power Semiconductors at PCIM 2019

    GaN Systems will demonstrate the 650 V, 150 A GaN power transistor, presented as the industry’s highest-current device of its type.

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  • STMicro’s 650V High-Frequency IGBTs Suit Advanced Power Apps

    STMicroelectronics’ HB2 650V IGBT series delivers efficiency and performance gains for medium- and high-speed applications.

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