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  • Video Highlights from Nuremberg’s Sensor+Test 2019

    Video Highlights from Nuremberg’s Sensor+Test 2019

    There were quite a few live demonstrators and static displays of the latest in sensor technologies. ECD was there, and we took videos of some of the more interesting demonstrations at the show.

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  • Nexperia Offers 175°C Diodes and Transistors in SOT23 Package

    Nexperia announced that key parts from its SOT23-packaged family of high-performance, general-purpose transistors and switching diodes are now fully-specified for operation up to 175°C degrees.

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  • ams Supports Implementation of Ultrasonic Water Metering Across Greater China

    ams, Qingdao iESLab Electronic, and Jiangxi Water Group announced plans to extend the China Water Utilities’ Platform.

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  • Infineon’s 80V DC-DC Buck LED Driver IC Touts Dimming Performance

    Infineon Technologies’ ILD8150/E LED driver IC features hybrid dimming mode technology to achieve 0.5 percent of the target current.

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  • Danisense and National Instruments Partner to Provide Advanced Power Analysis

    Danisense revealed that National Instruments has selected its current transducers for use with its RM-26999 4-channel power measurements conditioner.

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  • Analog Devices and First Sensor Developing LIDAR for Autonomous Driving

    Analog Devices announced a collaboration with First Sensor to speed the launch of autonomous sensing technology serving unmanned automotive, aerial, and underwater vehicles.

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  • MACOM’s 10W GaN-on-Si Power Amp Module Now at Mouser

    Mouser Electronics is now stocking the MAMG-100227-010C0L broadband power amplifier module from MACOM.

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  • ROHM’s Compact Lens-Equipped LEDs Target Vehicle Instrument Clusters

    ROHM’s latest compact high-output surface-mount LEDs with lens includes 18 devices, comprised of the CSL0901 series featuring standard brightness, and the high-brightness CSL0902 series.

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  • SEGGER Adds Video to emUSB Devices

    SEGGER introduces video class (UVC) support for the emUSB-Device, enabling products with a USB device interface, to be recognized as a camera.

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  • Diodes Inc.’s Low-Dropout Linear LED Driver-Controller Features Enhanced Dimming

    Diodes Incorporated released the AL5814Q automotive-compliant linear LED driver-controller with low dropout voltage and open LED detection for automotive linear-driven LED lamps.

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  • Thales Launches InterSense NavChip Series 3 Precision 6-axis IMU

    Thales Launches InterSense NavChip Series 3 Precision 6-axis IMU

    Thales announced the availability of its NavChip Series 3, the latest in its family of high-precision Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs), with advanced proprietary signal processing.

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  • Trackwise Offers Vertical Continuous-Plating Capability

    Trackwise installed a Vertical Continuous Plating (VCP) line at its Tewkesbury factory, capable of plating reel-to-reel flexible substrates and rigid panels of any length.

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  • People and Products Podcast: The Expanding LoRaWAN Marketplace

    People and Products Podcast: The Expanding LoRaWAN Marketplace

    We caught up with Val Jelinic, who works for Zenner Connect, at the recent LoRaWAN Live! Event in Berlin, Germany.

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  • The Moon Landing’s 50th Anniversary and What it Means for Product Technology

    This month marks the 50th anniversary of the first Moon landing, a giant leap for mankind. The Moon landing also represented a technical peak for the systems and gadgets used to get there.

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  • People and Products Podcast: The Growing LoRaWAN Community

    People and Products Podcast: The Growing LoRaWAN Community

    We had a chance to talk to Shekeb Fateh, the Director of Business Development at Miromico, a company providing electronic system design services.

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  • Zwipe and Infineon Extend Their Partnership

    Zwipe and Infineon have extended their partnership through a long-term agreement, which outlines both technical and commercial collaboration to co-define and develop advanced SoC card system designs.

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  • Infineon Launches XENSIV PAS210 Miniaturized CO2 Sensor

    Infineon Technologies has developed a CO2 sensor technology based on photoacoustic spectroscopy (PAS), which uses a high-sensitivity MEMS microphone as a detector.

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  • Analog Devices Opens U.K. Headquarters

    Analog Devices opened the doors of its new headquarters office in Hayes, London, close to a fast Elizabeth Line link to the city center.

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  • ROHM’s Power Supply Monitoring IC has Built-In Self-Diagnostics

    ROHM announced the availability of the 3mm square BD39040MUF-C power supply monitoring IC, with BIST (Built-In Self Test) that supports functional safety.

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  • Imec Doubles Energy Density of its Solid-State Batteries to 400Wh/Liter

    The Imec research and innovation hub unveiled a solid-state Li-metal battery cell with an energy density of 400 Wh/liter at a charging speed of 0.5C.

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