• Life on the Edge: How AI and the NVIDIA Jetson Ecosystem are Transforming Industry, Transportation, and Logistics

    The following case study describes how one AI engineering company leveraged the NVIDIA technology ecosystem to rapidly deploy cost-effective, commercial-grade optical character recognition solutions.

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  • Arm Flexible Access Reflects the State Today’s Semiconductor Market

    Arm Flexible Access Reflects the State Today’s Semiconductor Market

    If you’ve been monitoring the semiconductor market over the past few years, you’ll know that it’s ripe for change.

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  • Talking About SIPs with Gene Frantz and Greg Sheridan of Octavo Systems

    We recently had the opportunity to talk to Octavo Systems’ CTO Gene Frantz and Marketing Manager Greg Sheridan, going over the company’s past, and what they see as their future.

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  • 5G Primer Part 1: Basic Architecture

    The advanced 5G features and capabilities for IoT, intelligent edge, and AI/IVR are very real and attention should be paid to 5G network architecture in order to take advantage.

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  • Navigating Mixed-Criticality Requirements of Integrated ADAS and Infotainment

    As the autonomous vehicle functions allow drivers and passengers to increasingly devote their attention to something other than the road, infotainment systems will become the focal point.

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  • Power and Protocols

    More and better tools, and more and better components, mean the role of the electronic systems designer is migrating from a “roll your own” to a systems integration paradigm.

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  • Know Everything About a Dev Board the Instant You Plug It In

    Strata, or more specifically, the Strata Developer Studio, is a cloud-based development platform that provides engineers with a way to instantly evaluate and design with On Semi’s products.

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  • 2019 Embedded Processor Report: The Evolving State of Signal Processing

    2019 Embedded Processor Report: The Evolving State of Signal Processing

    IoT and AI benefit from the cost and flexibility of general-purpose CPUs, but also need advanced signal processing to clean analog inputs and perform MAC operations with high precision and efficiency.

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  • Smart Products Need Smart Development

    Smart Products Need Smart Development

    Today’s projects face a maze of choices to speed development, avoid errors, and shorten time to market. A platform-based approach can guide a team to success through the route's many twists and turns.

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  • How to Establish an Effective Data Quality Policy for Your Business

    By focusing on ad-hoc incident resolution, organizations struggle to identify and address recurring data quality problems in a structural way.

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  • An EV That Charges Itself? Hyundai and Kia May Make It Happen!

    Hyundai and Kia have joined forces on developing the Automated Valet Parking System (AVPS), which combines autonomous driving and wireless charging.

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  • That Simple Current-Sense Resistor Isn’t Simple at All

    That Simple Current-Sense Resistor Isn’t Simple at All

    Sensing of current magnitude is critical in many applications and often done by measuring the voltage across a shunt resistor, but even this simple technique has subtleties and issues to resolve.

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  • MultiTech Collaborates with Technolution to Realize IoT Effect on Agriculture

    New Sense2Grow platform utilizes LoRaWAN to access critical data to ensure optimal growing conditions.

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  • USB-C Power Delivery: Charging, Conversion, and Emerging Applications

    USB-C Power Delivery: Charging, Conversion, and Emerging Applications

    With USB Type-C solutions gaining critical mass, Embedded Computing Design asks Andrew Cowell of Renesas Electronics what USB-C Power Delivery (PD) features mean for embedded engineers.

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  • Spectral Sensor From ams Suits Mobile Applications

    One thing that I’ve learned about ams is that the company is all about sensors. The AS7341 is suited for applications that require color analysis, automatic white balancing and color matching.

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  • Silicon Labs Launches Z-Wave 700 Based on Gecko Platform

    Z-Wave, represented by the Z-Wave Alliance, has carved out an interesting niche for itself in home automation, as an open standard with more than 2,400 certified interoperable products.

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  • Ambiq Micro extends its ultra-low power SoC platform to battery-powered Edge devices

    my step-counter watch built with an Ambiq processor needs a new battery around once a year. The extreme low power comes from something called Subthreshold Power Optimized Technology.

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  • Achronix Speedcore Gen4 eFPGA IP Fits AI/ML and Networking Hardware Acceleration

    The Speedcore Gen4 architecture adds the Machine Learning Processor (MLP) to the library of available blocks and delivers higher system performance for AI/ML applications.

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  • Smart Home Challenges in 2019: What to Expect

    Smart Home Challenges in 2019: What to Expect

    The smart home market has been seemingly poised for takeoff for decades. As we approach 2019, Avi Barel of the ULE Alliance, discusses what's working, what's not working, and what to expect

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  • Bringing OPC UA and Ethernet to field level with Time-Sensitive Networking

    The OPC Foundation recently launched a new taskforce with the goal of integrating OPC UA and TSN to join the industrial enterprise with operational devices in the field.

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