COMPUTEX Taipei preview: FSP home batteries power renewable energy storage

May 29, 2015 OpenSystems Media

Targeting the evolving home energy storage market, FSP Group’s latest line of Energy Storage System (ESS) products extend capacity and decrease charging times. With 2.6kWh (Li-ion), 1.7kWh (Lithium Iron Phosphate), and 900Wh (Li-Ion) portable power mod-els, the EMERGY series facilitates solar energy storage and enables emergency power delivery in case of outage. With a portable design they can equally be used to replace a generator for outdoor events such as concerts, or even camping!

With today’s drive to push down energy pricing, the EMERGY system enables those with solar panels to efficiently store daytime energy for night time usage. Conversely the same product can be utilised to store cheap electricity during the night, for usage during the day. During a power outage, its built in UPS circuitry also enables it to switch immediately to functioning as a backup generator until power is restored.

Rory Dear, European Editor/Technical Contributor
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