Embedded World Preview: Secure panel PC

February 18, 2015 OpenSystems Media

Taiwan-based Flytech Group premier their state-of-the-art K740 Panel PC series, employing projective capacitive touchscreen to provide a fully flat front face. Where the K740 offers true competitive advantage is its IP66 rated secure front panel, requiring a key to access power switch and front USB – perfect for applications where rogue user interference would be catastrophic.

At the rear, 2KV isolated digital I/O and RS-232/422/485 provide ample interfacing to traditional industrial peripheral components – whilst optional NFC, RFID, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functions offer interfacing to the most modern of applications.

Employing the Intel “Bay Trail” Atom quad core N2930, with up to 8 Gb DDR3 and the latest Intel HD graphics, all passively cooled – the K740 doesn’t shirk its performance responsibilities either.

Look for daily updates about what you can expect to see at Embedded World as we get closer to the show on February 24-26.

Rory Dear, European Editor/Technical Contributor
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