Variscite launches a System on Module with i.MX 6QuadPlus processor

June 4, 2018 ECD Staff
VAR-SOM-MX6 System on Module
VAR-SOM-MX6 System on Module

The global System on Module company, Variscite announced the launch of the enhanced VAR-SOM-MX6 System-on-Module. The highly versatile SoM has been upgraded to support NXP’s i.MX 6QuadPlus processor, in addition to the existing scalable configuration options: i.MX 6 Solo/DualLite/Dual/Quad, with up to 1200MHz ARM Cortex-A9 processor.

The i.MX 6QuadPlus processor delivers the highest levels of graphics performance and DDR bandwidth in the i.MX 6 family, enhancing the Vivante GC2000 2D/3D Graphics Accelerator performance by 50% compared to the i.MX 6Quad Processor. Combined with High Definition H.264 Decode and Encode, those enhancements establish the VAR-SOM-MX6 platform as a highly recommended solution for graphics-intensive and high-performance multimedia applications.

The enhanced VAR-SOM-MX6 is pin-compatible with all existing VAR-SOM-MX6 Core configurations Solo/DualLite/Dual/Quad processor, as well as with the VAR-SOM-SOLO/DUAL SoM. This grants a full scalability on both iMX6 and Variscite’s upcoming iMX8 System on Module solutions.

This versatile System on Module features up to 4x Arm Cortex-A9 up to 1.2 GHz per core, -40 to 85 °C temperature range, Dual CAN support and certified WiFi/BT module including optional Dual Band 2.4 / 5 GHz and MIMO, making it equally ideal for industrial applications and graphics-intensive applications.


Availability and pricing:

The VAR-SOM-MX6 System on Module and associate evaluation kits are available now for orders in production quantities, starting from 52 USD per unit.


VAR-SOM-MX6 main features:


• NXP i.MX6 1.2MHz Solo/DualLite/Dual/Quad/QuadPlus Cortex-A9


• Up to 4GB DDR3, 1GB NAND and 64GB eMMC


• 1080p60 H.264 Decode, 1080p30 H.264 Encode


• Certified Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n 2.4 / 5GHz with optional 2×2 MIMO


• 4.1 + CSA2 support / BLE


• Vivante GPU 2D/3D graphics accelerator (QuadPlus configuration delivers 50% enhanced performance)


• Display: 2x LVDS, HDMI1.4, MIPI DSI


• USB 2.0: Host, OTG


• 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet




• Audio In/Out


• Dual CAN, UART, I2C, SPI


• Camera inputs: MIPI CSI, parallel


• Industrial temperature -40 to 85°C


• OS: Linux, Android
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