Microchip's digital-signal controllers suits digital power apps

June 2, 2015 OpenSystems Media

While I generally don’t think about Microchip when I’m thinking about DSP vendors, they do offer some DSP-based products that are aimed at specific applications. Generally, they can simplify a design with their targeted DSPs. Case in point is the dsPIC33EP GS family. They call it a digital-signal “control” rather than a processor.

The family is designed to handle fairly sophisticated non-linear, predictive, and adaptive control algorithms at higher switching frequencies, enabling smaller and more efficient power supply designs. Features include a live update flash capability, which can be used to change an operating supply’s firmware, and up to five 12-bit ADCs with 22 ADC inputs, providing total throughput of 16 MSps, with a 300 ns ADC latency.

Each of the four analog comparators includes 12-bit DACs for higher-precision designs. Two on-chip programmable gain amplifiers can be used for current sensing. Variants of the family are available in 4 mm by 4 mm UQFN packages.

Rich Nass, Embedded Computing Brand Director
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