E-cast: Sorting Out Sensors, Software, and Processing for Automotive Safety and Autonomous Drive

July 9, 2017 OpenSystems Media, with TBD (TBD, TBD); Moderator: Brandon Lewis, OpenSystems Media...

Active safety systems (and eventually, autonomous vehicles) rely on a range of technologies to ensure safe, reliable operation, including radar ICs of various frequencies, LiDAR units, high-resolution 360 camera systems, and more. Powerful processors/electronics control units (ECUs) and sophisticated software algorithms are also required to fuse these data inputs in real-time so that drivers (and cars themselves) can make split-second decisions that could prevent accidents. Are all of these really necessary, and, if so, where does each of them fit?

Presented by: LDRA, National Instruments, Texas Instruments, Wittenstein

Speaker(s): TBD (TBD, TBD)

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