TI releases MCU family for cost-sensitive power control applications

January 30, 2018 Jamie Leland

Texas Instruments (TI) has released its C2000 F28004x MCU family, designed for power-control in cost-sensitive applications such as on-board chargers for electric vehicles (EVs), inverters for motor control, and industrial power supplies. This family of real-time control devices integrates a floating-point unit, math accelerators, and an optional parallel processor, boosting the performance of its 100-MHz central processing unit (CPU).

The integrated analog of the C2000 Piccolo F28004x MCUs features three independent 12-bit analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) with post-processing hardware, advanced synchronization capabilities, and programmable gain amplifiers, along with a comparator and digital-to-analog converter subsystem and a sigma-delta filter interface. Digital and analog crossbars combine inputs, outputs, and internal resources to enable flexibility to support control and protection mechanisms. 

The C2000 F28004x MCUs also feature 60 percent lower active power than previous Piccolo devices; TI’s fourth generation of high-resolution pulse-width modulation (PWM) timer technology; an embedded real-time analysis and diagnostic unit; an ultra-high-speed serial interface; and flexible boot modes.

The C2000 Piccolo F28004x MCU builds on the generational improvements introduced in the Delfino F2837x and Piccolo F2807x series. These real-time control solutions offer code compatibility with existing Piccolo MCUs.

For more information, see www.ti.com/C2000Piccolo-pr.

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