Parasoft extends development testing support for embedded IoT applications

November 7, 2017 ECD Staff

Parasoft has announced the latest release of Parasoft C/C++test, the static analysis and unit testing tool for C and C++ software, and Parasoft DTP, the reporting and analytics tool that provides analytics and insights across the SDLC. This new release improves developer workflows, with a focus on enhanced environment and infrastructure support, and provides enriched dashboards and reports to aid users in achieving MISRA compliance.

The new release adds support for WindRiver GCC 4.8.x, IAR for ARM 8.11.x, and Microsoft Visual C++ 14.1x. In addition to verifying and enforcing MISRA guidelines via static code analysis, the new MISRA Compliance Pack specifically addresses compliance documentation requirements of MISRA by automatically creating high-level overviews and detailed documentation.

“Today’s embedded C/C++ developers face significant challenges, as they wrestle with the impact of connected devices while adapting to increased agile-ish release schedules – all while trying to meet and maintain safety-critical considerations,” said Mark Lambert, VP of Products at Parasoft. “Parasoft C/C++test is designed to meet these challenges by unifying development testing for C and C++ developers, providing a comprehensive testing tool that allows users to confidently deliver software that’s robust, predictable, and secure. The latest release continues and supports this mission.”

To learn more about the latest release, read Parasoft’s blog post or request a demo.

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