PragmaDev launches a modeling contest for students in the area of IoT.

September 15, 2017 Emmanuel Gaudin
2017 PragmaDev Student Contest
2017 PragmaDev Student Contest

PragmaDev Studio modeling and testing technologies are perfect to describe the expected interactions between generic entities. The rapid development of the internet of things raises new challenges related to deployment, security, and ecology.

In that context, the objective of the competition is to specify a network protocol that addresses the following aspects:

- meshed networks,

- security handling,

- identity management,

- energy saving.

This competition is reserved to students and aims at developing a meshed network protocol for the internet of things addressing the issues above. The model must be designed with PragmaDev tool set which is downloadable for free. The winner will get an Apple iPad.

"There are around 1,000 students using our tools every year developing models. We thought it would be interesting to try to focus their work on IoT systems and reward the best project." says Emmanuel Gaudin, PragmaDev Founder & CEO.

Because several schools are involved with very different agendas, this competition will last until April 2018 so that any interested student has the opportunity to participate. Detailed information about this competition can be found on PragmaDev Student Competion web page.

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