CES 2018: Smart Home Network Convergence Centers Around Wi-Fi

January 16, 2018 Brandon Lewis
Since its inception, the Internet of Things (IoT) has been plagued by an overabundance of competing networking standards. This is one possible explanation for slower-than-expected growth in the smart home market, where several short-to-medium range wireless standards are entrenched in specific consumer applications.
However, Cees Links, General Manager of the Wireless Connectivity business unit at Qorvo sees a trend in the market around distributed Wi-Fi. Using a Wi-Fi mesh, not only can wireless coverage become more robust, but some of the shorter-range wireless standards can be integrated into comprehensive wireless gateways. Users can pass from room to room without having to log-in to separate Wi-Fi networks, and suddenly be in range of point-to-point connected devices.
Tune in as Cees explains.

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