Playing devil's advocate with Raspberry Pi and embedded computing

October 24, 2013 OpenSystems Media

Unfortunately with all ‘mass market’ technologies, there are always those keen to push that technology into other areas, some good (Teflon on frying pans!) and some bad (Speed Cameras?) – such innovation has been the cornerstone of mankind’s technological progression, but can also be very dangerous when a technology is driven, without full contemplation, into an area it never claimed to be at home in (hydrogen in airships anyone?!).

The danger allured to here is that of employing the faddish Raspberry PI into a real life embedded or industrial computing application – the lure of the low price tag encouraging imagination of vastly increased profits or supplying at a fraction of a cost of your nearest competitor. Developers considering transferring this hardware into unknown territory should carefully consider the following.


Rory Dear, European Editor/Technical Contributor
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