Saelig introduces economical, reliable LoRa/FSK Smart Modem Transceiver

May 25, 2018 ECD Staff
CIrcuit Design SLR-434M LoRa Modem from Saelig
CIrcuit Design SLR-434M LoRa Modem from Saelig

Saelig Company, Inc. has introduced the Circuit Design SLR-434M Smart Modem - a compact, easy to use narrow-band embedded radio modem operating in the 434 MHz ISM band. It incorporates LoRa technology to achieve extremely long range for low bit-rate data with low power. The SLR-434M’s excellent receiving sensitivity allows communication into areas once considered difficult for RF to penetrate, and making it possible to transmit 1800 feet or more. The SLR-434M is also switchable to accommodate conventional FSK communication.

The SLR-434M can transmit data or operate in simple control systems using Circuit Design's dedicated command protocol from an external CPU or PC via an RS232 or COMport interface. The SLR-434M can process 8 I/O switching signals. With up to 10mW RF output power from the SMA connector, the SLR-434M can be used in simplex or duplex mode on 137 channels. It operates from a 3.5 – 5.0V supply, consuming less than 30mA when transmitting. Its low power consumption makes battery operation possible with this sturdy 1.6” x 1.2” x 0.25” module.

Applications include data transmission, telemetry, and control in buildings, water level and dam monitoring, tunnel and bridge condition monitoring, etc.

The TB-SLR-RS2 is an RS232 interface board for experimenting with the SLR-434M module. The built-in DB9 connector allows quick connection to the COM port of PC or PLC. The board is equipped with transmit/receive LED, a power supply terminal, main switch and an interface to sub boards. The module can be used with a coax extension cable to allow optimum placement of the antenna according to the environment. A descriptive video is here:

The SLR-434M is made by Circuit Design, a leading Japanese low power radio product design and manufacturing company. 

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