CES 2017: Bike-pedal power meter brings pro tools to amature cyclists

January 5, 2017 OpenSystems Media

Cycling is perhaps the first sport to leverage high technology, including power meter systems. But until now, power meters were expensive, with prices ranging above $1,000, and installation was complex. Only professional cyclists could afford one. To make power meters more accessible to recreational cyclists and professionals without compromising performance, Leti, a French technology institute based in the French Alps, a Tour de France venue, came up with PUSH, a universal pedal power meter professional and weekend athletes that costs under $100. The pedal power meter is being unveiled this year at CES.

PUSH measures both strength applied on the pedal and pedaling cadence, and then combines them to deliver the cyclist’s power output in real-time using integrated sensors. The meter offers a four-year-plus average battery life – 6,500 miles equivalent – and fits all indoor/outdoor bicycles and e-bikes – you just screw it on, no calibration required, and it communicates wirelessly to a smartphone app.

PUSH pedal helps improve pedal-stroke efficiency and technique. To this purpose, cyclists can:

  • Use the sport game app
  • Participate in group challenges on sport social networks like STRAVA
  • Receive calories-burned estimates
  • Benefit from virtual coaching
  • Improve battery management for electric bikes
Demos of the PUSH pedal will be available at Booth 50648-50650, in Eureka Park, during the entire CES show.

Jean-Philippe Gros is a research engineer at Leti, a French technology research institute. He has worked in sports innovation for over 10 years and his skills include management, innovation, electronics, and computer science.

Jean-Philippe Gros, Leti
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