Logic Supply Launches Industrial Fanless NUC With Latest Intel Dawson Canyon Motherboard

December 6, 2017 Logic Supply
The Logic Supply ML100G-31 Fanless NUC
The Logic Supply ML100G-31 Fanless NUC

For more than 14 years, Logic Supply (www.logicsupply.com) has been developing highly reliable computer hardware for demanding applications. The company pioneered the use of Intel's Next Unit of Computing (NUC) motherboard within industrial PCs, and today has announced their latest fanless NUC, the ML100G-31. This brand new system joins Logic Supply's ML100 Series of fanless NUC computers, and is powered by Intel's new Dawson Canyon motherboard, enabling 7th generation Core processing in a chassis that fits in the palm of your hand.

“We were excited when Logic Supply was one of the first companies to develop industrial Intel NUC systems years ago,” says Joel Christensen, General Manager Systems Product Group of the Intel Corporation. “Since that time, the industry has incorporated the NUC into many industrial applications due to its performance, reliability, and size, and Logic Supply has established itself with industry-leading solutions in the fanless NUC market.”

The all-new ML100G-31 offers a wide range of upgraded features. The new Kaby Lake Core i3 processor offers benchmarked numbers similar in performance to the previous generation i5, while maintaining the same low power consumption. The Dawson Canyon industrial NUC from Logic Supply will also soon be 4G capable, making it the first ever commercially available NUC to offer globally compatible cellular connectivity. Other upgrades from previous NUC offerings include the latest Intel HD Graphics chipset for dual monitor and 4K support and options for adding special I/O such as DIO and Terminal Block Power.

As the fourth member of the ML100 family, the ML100G-31 uses Logic Supply's proven HardShell™ Fanless Technology to passively cool the device, improving reliability and helping ensure dependability in challenging computing environments across a range of industries from manufacturing and automation, to industrial digital signage, logistics and even remote security and surveillance.

For more information, full specs and pricing or to configure the system online, visit www.logicsupply.com/ml100g-31, or contact a Logic Supply Solution Specialist directly at +1 802-861-2300 in the US or +31 (0)85 2733760 in Europe.

About Logic Supply:

A leading global Industrial PC company, Logic Supply designs highly-configurable computers engineered for reliability. Their systems operate in the harshest environments and power innovation in the evolving Internet of Things. Fueled by a unique direct-to-customer business model that combines vertical integration, modular product design, and a powerful online platform, Logic Supply offers computers “designed to last, built to order, and delivered in days.” Founded in 2003, the company has served more than 60,000 customers. Logic Supply has offices in North America, Europe, and Taiwan. See why today’s technology companies Depend on Logic at www.logicsupply.com and on Twitter @LogicSupply.

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