Embedded World 2016: Wireless charging solutions and EtherCAT ultra-low-power networks

February 15, 2016 OpenSystems Media

At Embedded World 2016, Rutronik Embedded will present its latest wireless chips and modules, displays, boards, and storage solutions characterized by durability, long-term availability, and high integration capacity for industrial IoT applications. The company’s sister operation, Rutronik Smart, encompasses radio technology, sensors, microcontrollers, power management components, and cryptography ICs that are optimized for the use of the Internet Protocol, have a small form factor, provide low power consumption, and offer a high degree of integration.

Application options will be presented by means of running Embedded World 2016 hands-on demonstrations for: visualization with TFT displays, passive LCDs, touch solutions, and microcontroller kits; communication with wireless components; microcontrollers (CAN, Ethernet); a complete wireless charging solution; plus demos of EtherCAT and an ultra-low-power network for up to 64,000 members running for years with a tiny battery.

The exhibit will also feature data processing with systems and storage components that can be used for industrial applications, a power supply system for FPGAs, and sensing with a variety of sensors and analog technology.

Secure end-to-end-solutions for the IoT, as well as a pioneering solution that allows software development to start directly at the API layer, will be topics of speeches at the Rutronik exhibit.

Andreas Mangler is director of strategic marketing & communications at Rutronik.

Linkedin: linkedin.com/company/rutronik
YouTube: youtube.com/user/Rutronik24

Andreas Mangler, Rutronik
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