Embedded Insiders Podcast – NAND Flash Forward

July 17, 2017 Brandon Lewis

The NAND flash memory market has evolved (or devolved depending on who you ask) into a battle of the BoMs (Bill of Materials), where the lowest price usually wins. But is that really the only consideration anymore when selecting a flash memory device, particularly for harsh environment applications?

These are questions the Embedded Insiders ask this week, and have answered by Steve Larrivee of industrial-grade NAND flash solution provider Cactus Technologies. During the discussion, the Insiders learn why the flash memory market is one where older technology is more expensive and more reliable  – and not for the reasons you'd think.

Topics covered:

  • Memory
  • NAND Flash
  • Single-level cell (SLC)
  • Multi-level cell (MLC)
  • Quad-level cell
  • Industrial-grade flash

About the Author

Brandon Lewis

Brandon is responsible for Embedded Computing Design’s IoT Design, Automotive Embedded Systems, Security by Design, and Industrial Embedded Systems brands, where he drives content strategy, positioning, and community engagement. He is also Embedded Computing Design’s IoT Insider columnist, and enjoys covering topics that range from development kits and tools to cyber security and technology business models. Brandon received a BA in English Literature from Arizona State University, where he graduated cum laude. He can be reached by email at blewis@opensystemsmedia.com.

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