Wibu-Systems Launches CodeMeter Cloud Licensing Platform

October 27, 2017 Wibu-Systems USA
CodeMeter Cloud Lite opens the door to license management in the cloud, fully interoperable with traditional implementations.
CodeMeter Cloud Lite opens the door to license management in the cloud, fully interoperable with traditional implementations.

Wibu-Systems has added CodeMeter Cloud Lite to its portfolio of solutions for protection, licensing and security of digital assets and Intellectual Property. CodeMeter Cloud Lite enables developers to easily license their Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, standard PC software, or mobile apps via the cloud. The server interfaces directly with CodeMeter License Central, the company’s flexible platform for creating, delivering and managing license entitlements.

CodeMeter Cloud Lite can be operated by the Independent Software Vendor (ISV) or by Wibu-Systems. It includes the necessary interfaces (including OAuth2, SAML) to work seamlessly with Single-Sign-On (SSO) solutions that may already exist in an established IT environment. CodeMeter Cloud Lite uses the standard mechanisms of CodeMeter License Central and conveniently aligns the processes for both cloud and on-premise licensing. CodeMeter License Central can be integrated with SAP, Salesforce or other ERP, CRM, and e-commerce solution to fully automate the licensing and entitlement process, whether it be for an on-premise, Cloud, or hybrid implementation.

Mobile applications for tablet computers or smartphones can also be used with CodeMeter Cloud Lite licenses, either by direct integration in the app or by relying on the server. Local PC-based applications can be licensed with this technology and additionally protected against tampering and reverse engineering using CodeMeter Protection Suite and locally issued Protection Only Licenses.

CodeMeter Cloud Lite offers a SOAP and a REST interface, making it available even on systems where no CodeMeter Runtime is available or integration is currently not feasible or excessively difficult, such as with HTML5 applications with JavaScript or PHP applications on servers.

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