Renice releases R-SATA 2.5" SSD storage solution for aerospace and defense applications

June 7, 2018 ECD Staff

Aerospace and defense storage applications require the highest level of reliability, often operating in harsh environments. The Flash storage devices used in these applications must therefore operate flawlessly while exposed to extreme temperatures and high mechanical shock and vibration loads.

The SATA gold finger adopts flat structure, male connector and female connector contact through the plane, inevitably there will be momentary bad contacts during heavy shock and vibration, and the bad contacts may cause system crash or even damage the SSD due to frequent abnormal power loss. Moreover, the intense shock may result in drag and malposition between male and female connectors. The gold finger uses fixed structure with no any buffer design, thus it is likely to be damaged by violent drag causing by intense shock.

So, Renice launch their R-SATA solution. R-SATA, or Rugged SATA in short, is the unique interface that has been designed specifically to address vibration and the shock problem during application. It can efficiently resolve the undesirable intermittent contact or potential signal spikes resulting from vibration and shock in the SATA gold finger connector.

Besides, this R-SATA 2.5" SSD solution also supports power down protection, AES encryption, secure erase, write protect, physical destruction. Max capacity up to 4TB in single disk.

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