PLC and wireless comms combo improves interop in smart homes, buildings

August 4, 2016
There are two mechanisms at play that could be slowing the growth of smart homes. The first is a desire by the likes of Amazon, Apple, Google, and others with large partner ecosystems to monopolize the smart home and devices in it. The second is the peskiness of wireless signals, particularly over distances and through thick walls. On the IoT Roadshow, Embedded Computing Design Technology Editor Brandon Lewis may have encountered solutions to both, as Hung Nguyen, CEO of Greenvity Corporation displayed a hybrid mesh technology comprised of Power-Line Communications (PLC) and wireless (Bluetooh Low Energy, Wi-Fi, ZigBee) that enables hops between physical and wireless communications links. The Greenvity system-on-chips (SoCs) that enable this combinational meshing are also deployed in hubs/gateways, smart sockets, and other devices to enable multi-vendor interoperability, which Hung demonstrates.
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