Pixus Announces OpenVPX Development ATR Enclosure

September 6, 2017 Pixus Technologies

Pixus Technologies, a provider of embedded computing and enclosure solutions, now offers a low-cost demonstration and development ATR (Air Transport Rack) for conduction-cooled 3U or 6U OpenVPX systems. The enclosure includes rear fans for supplemental cooling of high-power cards.

The ATRD058HEX-3U features a 6-slot 3U OpenVPX backplane to PCIe Gen3 (8 Gbps) speeds and includes a VITA 62 power supply slot. Other backplane slot sizes and various VITA 65 profiles are available. The development unit is slightly wider than a 1/2 ATR, Short.

The conduction cooled ATR with heat exchange features internal long fins to expel heat conductively. To provide more heat dissipation, dual rear fans pull air over the fins from a slotted outer shell. Therefore, the chassis is fully sealed, but provides enhanced cooling. The enclosure cools a minimum of 375W in the 3U OpenVPX ATR format with options for a 6U version upon request. Implementations providing up to 600W can be customized with additional thermal management provisions.

Pixus also offers standard air-cooled chassis in both rugged and commercial types. The company further provides OpenVPX backplanes, front panel/handle sets, and accessories.

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