LinkedHope Launches 6U VPX Computing Payload Based on Intel Xeon D-15xx Processors

August 28, 2017 LinkedHope®

LinkedHope releases a 6U VPX single payload named VP62003 based on Intel® Xeon® D-15xx processors, with more than 7-year lifecycle. Supporting up to Intel® Xeon® D-1577 (16x 1.3GHz) processor, VP62003 is able to perform vector operation and floating point arithmetic that require high throughput. Besides, VP62003 supports Intel® Turbo Boost, with the processing speed of CPU up to 2.7GHz. The high-performance CPU and the Turbo Boost technology leave no worries for extra cost and complexity of system settings.

VP62003 provides 4x Rapid I/O (SRIO) x4 for VPX Data Plane communication, 2x 8 PCIe for VPX Expansion Plane communication, 4x GbE for VPX Control Plane communication, and 2x 10Gb SFP+ in front I/O for remote data transmission and communication. Rich data exchange interfaces on VP62003 make it easy to build box-level or system-level solutions.

VP62003 supports up to DDR4 32GB ECC memory, highly reliable for an embedded server. The SATA interface of VP62003 can be up to 64GB SLC SSD, compatible with 2.5-inch HD. Moreover, The board applies air cooling design and has an extended working temperature from -40℃ to 70℃. These characteristics guarantee stability of the product under severe environment, making VP62003 highly suitable for critical application fields.

To meet the display requirements of advanced embedded server, VP62003 can be equipped with LinkedHope high-performance independent display controller XM61000 or XM61001 (both support GPGPU functions).

As VP62003 supports various BSP, including VxWorks, Linux, Windows, etc., the time pressure of system integration and the workload of product development are lessened, and the product’s time-to-market can be largely shortened.

In addition, VP62003 provides other interfaces including 1x HDMI display, 3x serial interfaces, 7x USB, 5x SATA III, etc.


Target applications:

Communication, Intelligence Analysis, Radar/Sonar, Medical Imaging, Audio/Video Monitoring & Processing.

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