Ashling adds support for Synopsys ARC(r) HS4x family

September 20, 2017 Ashling Devices

Ashling Microsystems Limited today announced that it has extended the capability of its Opella-XD-ARC and Ultra-XD-ARC debug probes by adding support for Synopsys new HS4x and HS4xD family of DesignWare® ARC® processors for high-performance embedded applications. These powerful high-speed JTAG/cJTAG probes integrate with the MetaWare Development Toolkit or GDB Debuggers to enable developers to carry out advanced system debugging and analysis. The high-performance Ultra-XD-ARC debug probe offers high-speed trace and run-time control debug functionality, enabling non-intrusive trace capture for detecting problems during full-speed real-time execution. Latest datasheets for Ashling’s debug probes are available at Opella-XD and Ultra-XD.

Synopsys new HS4X and HS4xD family is a series of 32-bit high-speed, low-power processors optimized for power and area efficiency. The ARC HS44, HS46, HS48, HS45D and HS47D processors, available in single-, dual- and quad-core configurations, implement a dual-issue superscalar architecture that delivers up to 6000 DMIPS per core, making it the highest performance processor in the popular ARC HS family. The HS45D and HS47D also support more than 150 DSP-optimized instructions, delivering 2x higher performance and a unique combination of high-performance control and high-efficiency digital signal processing. The ARC HS4x and HS4xD processors are designed to meet the power, performance and area requirements of a broad range of high-end embedded applications including solid-state drives (SSDs), wireless baseband, wireless control, home networking, automotive control and infotainment, multi-channel home audio, advanced human-machine interface (HMI), industrial control and home automation.

Róisín O’Keeffe, Business Development Director from Ashling Microsystems, said “As part of the strategic collaboration between Synopsys and Ashling, we’re delighted to support Synopsys newest range of HS processors. Ashling has provided high-performance hardware debug and trace support for ARC processors for over a decade, helping Synopsys ARC customers meet their project deadlines.”

ABOUT Ashling Microsystems

Ashling Microsystems is an international Embedded Software Solutions and Debug Tools company. Through its close cooperation with leading semiconductor vendors, Ashling is a world leader in the Embedded Software Development Tools market. Ashling’s development centre is in Limerick Ireland. Ashling has sales and support representatives worldwide.



Helen Stapleton, Marketing Specialist

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