3D printing 102 (you missed the 101 course?)

October 19, 2016 OpenSystems Media

You’ve likely heard about 3D printing. You may have even actually seen it in action. But are you aware of how it can be used to simplify your job when it comes to prototyping? And I’m not referring to the simple “print a knob” or some other plastic-like component. New materials and new technologies are coming to light on a regular basis, and it appears that there’s no slowing this train down.

For example, according to a whitepaper authored by Stratasys, the automotive industry is ripe for 3D printing expansion.

If you want to learn more about this emerging technology, and whether it should play a role in your professional future, I suggest you attend this three-day Embedded University class entitled 3D Printing 102. The first class, called What Exactly is 3D Printing, Where it Makes Sense, and Where it Doesn’t, takes place on October 25, at 11:00am ET.

Note that the 101 course was held earlier this year and you can always go back and take that class.


Rich Nass, Embedded Computing Brand Director
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