• Taking the dev-kit tour with Alexa

    Taking the dev-kit tour with Alexa

    The DS20921AudioSmart 2-Mic Development Kit for Amazon AVS does an excellent job of eliminating echo, background noise, and concerns over microphone position and speaker placement.

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  • Mechatronics aids in embedded system design

    Mechatronics aids in embedded system design

    By looking at embedded systems from a different perspective, a mechatronics perspective, systems can be improved while saving cost. Over the last few...

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  • Signal- and power-integrity fundamentals are essential in a high-speed PCB

    In today's digital design world, speed is often the main factor determining a product's performance. Many designs are packed with too many high-speed...

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  • An introduction to FPGA power

    Designing the power system for a field-programmable gate array (FPGA) is no easy task. FPGAs are highly configurable semiconductor devices that are us...

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  • Embedded Application Frameworks: Simplifying the development of M2M devices

    Embedded Application Frameworks: Simplifying the development of M2M devices

    A helping hand from Embedded Application Frameworks eases design pressures for M2M developers.

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  • Encryption 301: More extensive encryption subsystems

    Using Ethernet protocols requires the proper encryption schemes. In Part 1, we looked at some do's and don'ts on encryption. In Part 2, we introduced...

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  • PCI Express over M-PHY: Proven technologies scale I/O performance to meet mobile needs - Q&A with Rick Wietfeldt, MIPI Alliance and Al Yanes

    PCI Express over M-PHY: Proven technologies scale I/O performance to meet mobile needs - Q&A with Rick Wietfeldt, MIPI Alliance and Al Yanes

    This Q&A with Rick Wietfeldt, Chair, MIPI Alliance Technical Steering Group, and Al Yanes, President and Chairman, PCI-SIG discuses the two organizati...

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  • The incredible rise of the LED

    As Samsung recently launched its new Samsung Galaxy Note7, complete with curved active-matrix organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED) screen, it got me...

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  • PWM control with the Raspberry Pi

    Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) is a modulation technique that is widely used to control power. It is commonly used in motor control applications to cont...

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  • Industrial-grade flash is important to embedded designs

    If you're following the trends in flash storage devices these days, you've inevitably seen the amazing advances in storage capacity at constantly redu...

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  • electronica 2016: COM Express Type 7 pinout takes small form factors into the datacenter

    PICMG's COM Express technology, in all of its various shapes and sizes, has been deployed for more than a decade now in size, weight, and power-consci...

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  • Will haptic feedback spell the end for mechanical HMIs?

    Technology evolves rapidly, but changing the way we interact with technology is relatively glacial. The mechanical button and dial have reigned suprem...

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  • Electronification of the world, one wearable at a time

    As the world of manufacturing shifts into the eras of Industry 4.0, IoT, and Big Data, companies must embrace software platforms to remain competitive...

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  • Speedy backup cameras are on the way

    We've all heard the horrific and tragic story of young Cameron Gulbransen, accidently and fatally knocked down by this father whilst reversing out of...

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  • Fog computing with minimal resources

    Edge devices don't always have the compute power to make compute-intensive decisions. Hence, data is collected at the edge and transferred to the clou...

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  • Not all embedded PCs are created equally

    The age-old question for embedded PCs was "build vs. buy." The answer, unfortunately is, it depends. It actually depends on a lot of factors. Do you h...

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  • 5D glass discs take storage bandwidth to light speed

    As we get closer to reaching the limits of flash capability, we naturally ponder, "What's next?" The University of Southampton believes it has the ans...

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  • Now on the Development Kit Selector: Teensy 3.2

    Last week our Technology Editor, Brandon Lewis, announced the reboot of our development kit selector. Every week, we're going to highlight some of the...

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  • The USB spec continues its march forward

    Having spent far too much time wrestling with why, against statistical logic, I invariably only connect a USB connector successfully on the third atte...

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  • No hassle micro USB cable

    Every once in a while, you come across a product that's so simple, you say, "Why didn't somebody think of that before?" A perfect example of that is t...

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